Home exterior paint colour suggestion?

2 months ago

Wanting to paint the exterior of our house, located on the Northern Beaches in NSW. Unable to change the window frames that are a bronze aluminium, not my choice but need to live with it. Suggestions of paint colours that would co-ordinate well with the bronze would be greatly appreciated. Current house pic (included in post).

Thanks in advance.

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  • pottsy99
    last month

    Personally , I think the main colour is fine , the crisp white on the poles and most of the terrace is fine -- the two different 'sandy khahki' shades ( the window surrounds , and the planter ) looks out of date . I'd do both of them in charcoal , as well as the terrace base board and the upstairs downpipes . It looks like the barge board and the veranda are already a charcoal -- if not , then darken them up too .

    The mid grey on the steps etc is fine as is , it's hard to see in the photos but the front door looks like it might be a nice solid wooden one -- again , thats fine to me , but I'd do the door surround in a crisp white to make it more noticeable .

    The other brighter option would be to do the window surrounds , the door surround , the top barge board including the gables , the terrace base and probably the terrace top rail -- all in a bright sunshine yellow !

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