Facelift options for a 1980’s brick house in Sydney

4 months ago

Hi all,

I’m looking to give my new house a big facelift to modernise it. It’s a brick 1980’s split level with poo brown accents.

At the moment I was thinking of rendering it, painting the garage doors and window frames in “Monument” colourbond colour (dark grey), paint the driveway, re-tile the entrance and stairs, and change the front porch posts to timber. A front garden and fence will also go in later.

But I think that won’t be enough as the front 2 storey section is big and dominating.

What do you all think? What would you do?

Thanking you in advance!

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  • julie herbert
    4 months ago

    I think your ideas are great, not sure you need to render, change veranda posts, paint trims and garage doors a dark colour, certainly change porch and front steps to a more modern look, timber could look great, landscape could be all you need, bricks may just shine then.

  • oklouise
    4 months ago

    if the floor tiles are in good condition try painting the tiles, front door and fences for a quick fix and then focus on the gardens...a new garden will take a while to mature and can be happily growing while you work on small sections of the house over time..start with any maintenance and repairs from the roof down while you plan any other changes

  • pottsy99
    4 months ago

    I'm different . I definitely wouldn't modernise anything . The left side of the picture looks great , really classy , the 2 storey right side is boring !

    The bay window could do with being painted or replaced with a white frame colour , but the rest looks great -- especially that 'Bali' front door .

    So using that as inspiration , the right side I'd also do that window in white , but do 2 fake shutters that as closely match the front door as possible -- carved panels , maybe a circular lion in the middle of each one , the same colour and varnish . I've seen similar designs at ethnic type stores , and no doubt an on-line search would give you some tips and possible sellers .

    Then , the 'elephant' -- the garage doors . The cheap option -- paint . Maybe a mid orange or yellow ? More expensive but classier and to tie with the front door and shutters -- replace with wooden doors , my preference is wooden slats but the right style of wooden tilt would also work . Stain and varnish the same as the front door/shutters .

    Ties it all in , looks thought through , the same theme and period .

    Apart from that , waterblast the path , add a couple of small gardens with a variety of leafy plants , rocks and stones . Nice !

  • Austere Hamlet
    4 months ago
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    Your brick is actually one of the nicer 80's bricks. I know it doesn't look it right now. But your biggest issue are the patio tiles and brown garage doors.

    You could certainly weathertex the top half of the front for visual interest. But given the basic shape of your house and the fact it's a traditional style reproduction. I think you are better off putting a nicer fancy window in that top bedroom, then putting a window hood over it.

    That will pick up the traditional lines already in the architecture and tie that massive brick face into the dainty little traditional patio and bay window you have going on. I always think it's better to work with what you've got rather than try and go in some crazy different direction.

    Then get yourself some very nice panelled garage doors, rather than roller doors and a traditional look will be complete. Tone down the bricks with a nice neutral and easy on the eye contrast and you're done.

    She's got good bones, even the brick is nice.

  • macyjean
    4 months ago

    "Your brick is actually one of the nicer 80's bricks."

    I agree.

    What I notice most are the jarringly busy patio tiles and the old-fashioned fake columns.