Help with mud room position...

4 months ago

Hi, we are building a new house on a block that is narrow at the front and then widens. Front faces north... so we have decided to build an L shaped hosue to make the most of the north east aspect. This means our garage (side entry) is a long way from the kitchen/living.

If I put the mud room near the gargae in a typical location, my 4 kids might be more likely to use it as they will pass through it... but my worry is that location won't work as well overall. FIrst Photo below.

I think kids will drop bags, and then take their lunch box to kitchen. But then at some stage will need to go back to get their homeowrk out and it will be a 12 meter walk...then in the morning they will need to get their bag and bring it all the way back to pack it and put their lunch and homework in...so I am wondering if it makes sense to break tradtion and place the mud room at the end of the hall way closer to the kitchen/living so it is easier for kids to access and pack bags and for me to put shoes/hats etc away when they are left on the floor. Second Picture.

My only concern is as they dont walk through it will it get used? Also the door for the garage then enters into the entry foyer, not a seperate service hall way. will this look weird and ruin the entry way?

I would love some advice.

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