Is there such a thing as an attractive vent cover?

last month

I am renovating my kitchen and due to high raked ceilings, bulkheads would look funny.
The plan is to duct the rangehood out through the wall (single brick). The other side of the wall leads to my outdoor area and I am contemplating which vent cover to choose. Nothing is all that attractive and I don't like any of the 125 mm covers I have found so far.

Do you try to hide it by picking a simple one and painting it in a colour similar to the brick?
Do you celebrate it and pick something that stands out?
Whats best from a longevity perspective - plastic or metal?

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  • bigreader
    last month

    You’ll end up with cooking smells in your outdoor area but it sounds unavoidable. I’d pick metal for longevity and paint to suit. It seems such a big detail to you now but after a while you won’t even notice it.

  • PRO
    Dr Retro House Calls
    last month

    I would be looking at revaluating my kitchen design and rangehood selection. A concealed rangehood in overhead cabinetwork makes it easier to disguise rangehood flues that can pass up through your ceiling and roof. Avoid the bends, avoid ducting greasy air into your alfresco area (and staining the ceiling with grease) and avoid the search for a nice looking vent cover.

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    Or go for a custom made duct that just goes straight up through the roof, and finish it to match the wall colour.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

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  • Austere Hamlet
    last month

    No way would I want an exhaust vent into my alfresco area. If you have raked ceilings just box the duct all the way to the ceiling. It doesn't look weird at all and is quite common in a home of that style.