Ceramic butler sinks: Good idea or not?

last month

Would like hear of peoples experiences with ceramic butler sinks before making a decision for our island. Durability and how it is having nothing between you and the sink edge?

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    last month

    Hi, I like using butlers sinks in my designs. (needs to be a traditionally styled house)

    I find the quality to cost ratio at the Belfast sinks from FL bone the best.

    Ceramic or granite sinks are usually more robust than colour coated stainless steel sinks. Mostly the colour scratches off relatively easy.

    I think its an advantage to have no benchtop between you and the sink, its very practical and a nice and clean look.

    Make sure your benchtop is high enough for your height. Normally top of benchtop 920mm.

    Drop me an email if you have further questions or need design ideas


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