Need Help with Selecting Plants At Either Side of Front Gate

Melissa Browne
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We have two triangle areas measuring 70cm x 70cm x 100 cm each on either side of our front gate and I have always struggled with what to plant in this area. This side of our property is on the western boundary and we are in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We are in the process of repainting the whole exterior of our house (grey base colour with the same white used in the fence for items like window frames).

I am looking for plants that will grow to a height of no more than 80cm (or can be easily trimmed back to this height) and that are evergreen.

I am not a fan of coloured plants (I will consider plants with white flowers). However I did consider lavender, but we have this elsewhere and it looks barren in winter.

I am also not a fan of succulents or cacti.

Plants that I have considered to date include Rosemary (felt this could be similar to Lavender), and cone shaped buxus (we have this elsewhere and I was worried it could look too formal),

I would be so grateful for any ideas, as I am really struggling.

Sorry I forgot to mention that a house number and gate handle will be installed shortly.

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