home office, what to do with walls?

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3 months ago

Hello, i have small home office with entrance and i can not decide where and how to decorate my walls!!!! i am thinking have a nice clock, wall prints collection (6 frames of 30x40cm), wall letter stickers (quote). It 6x3 m office, with wall with television (above television some nasty holes, i want to hide..) and light grey wall, with corner desk. I also have Skype meetings so my corner desk, so people will see interior also

Wall is very light grey, and other wall pure white.... Cornerdesk i find also difficult, in front i see light grey and to right white wall.... big frames print, or just small and where should i hang clock

I did not buy anything yet for decoration, so if somebody has suggestions wich prints and clocks i should buy or other arts/design accessorizes feel free to comment:)

I added video, check it out, need to spice it up a bit, room is boring and i want to create awesome first impression of the room

when people see it:)

Hope to get some advice, thank you! Take care

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