Curtain Length Dilemma

Kathrin Berger
10 months ago

I got some custom made linen curtains installed yesterday which I was really excited about. On closer inspection I noticed that they are quite uneven at the bottom: on the sides of the windows they just float over the carpet which is what I requested, however, towards the middle they are about 3cm off the ground. The curtains are on a double track with the lining being able to be pulled across at night time and the lining is floor length and shows slightly at the bottom where the linen sheers are shorter.

I was wondering if anyone here can give me some advice on whether I should request them to be adjusted or is it acceptable to have a length difference of about 2cm from sides to middle? I also feel the middle looks too short.

I am paying a lot of money to get them custom made so I feel they should be perfect, right?

Looking forward to your opinions and advice.