Brickwork repair ideas (Tuckpointing, repointing or another solution)

Mr Edwardian
2 months ago

First post so hi all.

I have a red brick Edwardian with a facade that is quite untidy and could do with a tidy/fix. The mortar appears to have left quite a mess over the bricks and is uneven across the front of the home. I’m a new owner and am looking for cost effective ways to improve the front facade of the property to improve rental appeal.

I have researched about tuckpointing, repointing and just general power washes (old home so concerned about damage here) but not sure which path to take.

I’ve attached a few images of sections of the brickwork that points to my concerns. Some of the photos are not great as they are screen grabbed from a single image as I currently don’t have access to the property.

Any and all help is much appreciated.

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  • Kate
    2 months ago

    Start with a pressure wash then reassess. That may be all that is needed. It is an old building so no one expects or wants it to be uniform, just clean. Spend the rest of your outside budget on the landscaping and any specific repair projects.

  • Mr Edwardian
    Original Author
    2 months ago

    Thank you.