Can I fit a walk-in pantry here? Is it worth it?

2 months ago

Hi all,

I'm looking at purchasing a property. It's *almost* perfect as a family home, except for two things:

- the kitchen is a bit small. I'd like a walk-in pantry for extra cupboard space and additional freezer.

- I really hate having a family bathroom directly off the main dining area.

Bedrooms are in great condition so I'm not keen on renovating the front of the house. Kitchen and bathroom are OK but could do with a refresh so I'm wondering about renovating/rejigging the back of the house. I guess my questions are:

- is it possible to extend the house along its eastern edge to fit a pantry? We don't want to rip up decking or lose any garden space.

- Is there a sensible way to rejig the back of the house? Or is that an awful lot of work and expense just to move a bathroom?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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