Gap under Corner Free Standing Bath

Michael Clarke
8 months ago
last modified: 8 months ago

Hi All

I am in the final stages of my bathroom renovation (which has been a bit of a nightmare few months) and I am needing some advice/ideas on something which I believe will be an issue.

We decided to go with a corner freestanding bath, which we love. However, the way the wet area has been designed has resulted in the bath not sitting flat on the tiles. There is a reasonable size gap between bottom of bath and the tiles due to the floor being designed to slope, so that water from the shower drains towards the shower waste. The look does not bother me, however because the shower is open and right next to the bath, I have concerns of water/dust/dirt/mould getting stuck under the bath with no way of cleaning it.

We have a glass shower screen being installed that fits between shower and toilet, but the bath side is meant to be open. So far, after 20+ showers, water getting stuck under the bath has not been an issue at all, which has alleviated one concern. My main concern now is dirt and dust.

The gap appears far too big to silicone and we had no idea how else to fix this gap. The building company also don't seem to have any great ideas at this point.

The large gap between bath and shower wall is not an issue as there is plenty of space to get in and clean. We also have a wooden floating shelf going in to minimise the visual gap.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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