another kitchen colour dilemma !

Laura McKegg
4 days ago
last modified: 4 days ago

Hi all,

We've got an L shaped kitchen with an island and dead set on having that island in all black. I've attached a picture of the colours we're using..

Dekton Liquid Sky (rear countertop & splash back)

Dekton Sirius (island countertop)

Ultraglaze Ultramatt Black (island cupboards, pantry & fridge cabinets)

Melamine Limestone (rear cabinets & cupboards)

Flooring.. Quicktep Majestic Warm Oak (pictured)

We're debating wether or not we should change the pantry & fridge cutout to be in Melamine Limestone ?

We see this picture on Cosentino and loved the way it looked... worried that if we have a black on the back cabinets we'll lose that wow factor. on the other hand if we go white is it too much white? The Dekon Liquid Sky rear countertop and splashback flows in to a window splashback of a pond & trees etc

Any input appreciated! We need to sign off the plans this week ..

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  • pottsy99
    4 days ago

    What about colour , character and personality ?

    A splashback with a pond and a tree may be great , or look naff , as the Poms would say . Potentially , its on the right track , but look at pic 3 . Gone to sleep yet ? Probably $30k spent on nothingness .

    Now look at pic 3 , and imagine your splashback . Even if it is ( cringe ) black and white too , it will actually add to it . A bit . I don't like the particular light used in pic 1 , but its got character , you notice it , it is not totally bland . Pic 3 is .