guttering and trim color to match wall and roof

Charlotte Courtine
last month
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Good morning,

The house is an old brick house from the 80'. We just repaint the roof in colorbond ironstone. The next step will be the bagging of the brick wall. We decided to go with colorbond shale grey.

Our dilemma is about the color of guttering and window trim. My partner wanted to pick a black color but our painter reckon that you can't put your darkest color on the guttering. He recommends us to do the guttering and window trim in the same color as the roof.

Personally, i was thinking to pick a mid grey color like colorbond windspray or something like wallaby (a bit too orientated to brown though). We want to pick a colorbond color to make sure to find the same color because we will change all the guttering in the next couple years when we will do our extension.

Finally, we got three columns at the front of the house that could be matching the trim and guttering once renovated.

As you can see, we are in a bit of a struggle. Your ideas are more than welcome to help us make our decision.

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