What can I do to fix my entrance?

Adrienne D
2 months ago

We recently built a house and for various reasons, we had to have the front door on the side of the property, rather than at the front.

Now that it's built, we have ended up with a lot less space on the side for a walkway and planting than expected and it's just a driveway. The door that's at the front is actually the laundry and so we have fenced it off (we also have a small dog who needs lawn).

We have planted a couple of climbers to go up the trellis to cover the laundry door, and have planted a specimen tree (Michaelia Gracipes) which will have lovely flowers, plus the hedging at the front and we had planned to put reeds in containers up the driveway against the house, but I'm at a loss with how to improve the street appeal and encourage visitors to come up the side, to the front door.

We can do anything we like to the driveway, but must allow vehicle access to the rear.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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