Style advice - late Victorian workers cottage reno

Hannah O'Brien
7 months ago

I am renovating a late victorian workers cottage (built 1900) and would like advice on what are the best ceiling fans to put in the bedrooms. There are ceiling roses approx 600mm in size and i'd like a fan that is modern but still sympathetic to the period.

Comments (4)

  • Kate
    7 months ago

    What is your ceiling height?

  • differentways
    7 months ago

    check out online electrical stores for suitable fans and sizes and post your finds

  • pottsy99
    7 months ago

    How long is a piece of string ?

    You are renovating . Is it period correct , or updated ? is it 'workers' style still or are you going luxe ?

    Me , I'd probably go for something rattan and gold but that mightn't suit your style . But as Kate says , is there enough height ? I just googled , and you can get a round slim 'thing' that has an LED ring of lights around the outside , and looks like 30 or 40 'knive blades' that rotates , says it is 11 cm height , but it looks 'different' ( like say a UFO ! ) so may not suit your style , and each knife blade is only 40-50mm wide , so how effective it is I'd have no idea .

  • bigreader
    7 months ago

    Are you planning on a fan light combo? I’d would go with a simple plain white four blade design. The simpler in looks the better. Then it depends on your budget. Beacon have a good range to look at online.