Help with exterior colour scheme (mid century / 1960s)

5 months ago

We are renovating our 1966 Hobart house and I’d love some thoughts about exterior colours.

The house had building work done after severe storm damage, which was completed before we bought it at the start of this year.

The bricks are red – we do not want to render or paint these. There are some (repaired) walls that are rendered in Colorbond Classic Cream.

The painted trim is either Colorbond Pale Eucalypt (which I dislike!) or beige/cream.

The eaves would originally have been finished timber, not painted, but they are now a pale cream.

The gutters were replaced before we bought the house and are Colorbond Cottage Green. They are the only bit of the house that are this colour, but are new so we can’t justify replacing them.

We have put in new double glazing in APO Grey to replace the original anodised aluminium sash windows (which were not functioning properly anymore).

I am having trouble working out a colour scheme that works well with the Cottage Green gutters. I’m open to painting these, but ideally wouldn’t.

We want to use mid-century colours which sit well in our bushy environment. Many of our neighbours simply have white trim.

Any thoughts are much appreciated!


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