Eighties kitchen looking for makeover and ideas welcome?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi everyone, I want to renovate my kitchen and create indoor outdoor flow. It's an 80s Beazley style house in Auckland and I want install a servery window above where the existing oven is, possibly change the two windows there currently, get rid of the breakfast bar and extend the bench to the existing backdoor and close off the back door. I have noticed alot of servery windows have the sink there and not an oven so that is another thing to consider given not cheap to move around drainage etc. I want to create flow between dining room and deck by opening up and installing french doors in the the loadbearing wall. Also, the wall by pantry back onto my laundry so one option is to open up between the two and make it a scullery/laundry. Thoughts anyone?


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