Period Home Transformation - Before & After

Carroll's Coatings
4 months ago

Our clients hired us to rejuvenate a rental property that had been in the family since the 70s. It was looking tired and rundown, with the old ceilings cracked, with wallpaper peeling off, and in general painting terms: a shambles.

It took us two weeks of preparation on the inside and two weeks of painting. It was back-breaking, to say the least.

The outside wasn’t really in that bad condition. It just needed some modernisation. We messed around with some light grey colours, with the white but it just didn’t pop. We agreed with the client that the stucco needed to be darker and decided on “Mahal Grey” which really worked.

Once a potential renter comes into that front garden the property now looks inviting enough for someone to make this house a home.

Both the client and I were so happy with the outcome in the end, which shines through in the photos.





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