Exterior colour scheme for home with colourbond rivergum roof

Hills Gardener
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I am discouraged by my lack of design and colour choosing skills so have turned to the internet in the hope of finding more knowledge!

Dilemma: colourbond Rivergum roof, current scheme is rivergum and primrose. I have interesting bricks to work with as well.... :-( I would like to change the front door, and verhandah posts and possibly the barge board on the front of the verandah which is currently rivergum.

So far I have sampled colourbond colours because they have minimal choice and I can't cope with lots of choices!! I have tried monument on the posts and doors which made them stand out more and while it looked ok I was unsure. Have also tried woodland grey and that has a bluish hue against the bricks and looked ok too but same issue as monument. Currently I have painted the posts and part of the door in paperbark which is similar but more ochre than primrose...I am unsure about this also.

I would dearly love to knock the house down and start again or clad the facade and change the verandah which isn't going to happen anytime soon so paint colours are a short term compromise. I have removed the panels from the windows and the fiddly centre part of the front screen door which makes it less look faux cottage..

I hope someone with more design prowess than me will respond and share their thoughts!

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