How should I light my very high cathedral ceiling?

Mikaela O'Shea
3 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi all,

I have a lighting dilemma - I have an extremely high ceilinged bedroom, with rafters and collar ties that I need to light somehow. Please see photos below.

As you walk into the bed room, there is a wall on the right, with a bathroom door. There is two layers of ceiling/room - on is about 7m high, the other is a more reasonable 4m.

I'm looking to light the 7/8m high ceiling with rafters and collar ties.

My style is very minimal and basic - this is a farm property and I want to keep the bedroom subtle as the bathroom has a lot going on. I really like trapeze lighting, and see that as being a good option, however when it comes down to the specifics - I get lost. Option to other suggestions as well.

Photos attached:

Two ceilings as described, entran

ce doorway behind me

Entrance door way - can't see bathroom doorway on right behind door

Looking straight up - that is the bathroom doorway in shot.

I was thinking of running the trapeze lighting along the top ridge - however this is a really long way for light to travel. Any thoughts would be SO appreciated :)


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