How to maximise this kitchen/laundry space.

2 months ago

Hi everyone,

I have been mulling over this house design but feel the kitchen/laundry space is not utilised properly and would like some help/opinions on how to go about this. My block will be 25m instead of 20m so it seems like there will be room to extend both the dining/living areas further up (budget depending).

I have redrawn the above house plan to this below (measurements are not accurate due to app issues):

- moving the WM and sink to the garage, extending the bathroom further up.

- removing the wall between kitchen and laundry, extending the wall near the pantry below next to the door. The sink is near the door and the stove is above Bedroom 3. Fridge is by the wall of the Master.

- swapped laundry sliding door to single door

- moved the linen near the deck/alfresco

Questions I have:

- Is the original door by the laundry necessary and if so, can it be moved to a different location?

- Have reviewed the different styles of kitchens, galley, L shaped, Island etc but finding it difficult to picture or fit them to this design.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

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