Ideas for teen bedroom/s downstairs.

Olivia Ingram
2 months ago

I’m a single mum who bought the family home from my husband after our separation. I have two growing boys (10 & 13) 50% of the time.

To help with my mortgage I put a kitchen in upstairs and I rent it out on Airbnb as a self contained flat, the boys and I live on the lower level.

I want to continue the Airbnb as it brings in a good return but the boys are sharing a small study/living room as their bedroom. I need to create seperate bedrooms for them and possibly another small living area/study as I work from home and have been working out of my bedroom for a year now.

I’d like to reuse the big sliding stacker doors which currently go from the study to a patio.

My budget is tight at approx 40k.

There’s approx 3 metres of concrete patio to the rear of the house then a retaining wall of approx 1 metre with flat glass on it. I’m worried that excavations will eat up a lot of my budget.

Looking for creative ideas that don’t compromise the privacy/ light of the master suite that give the boys the private spaces they want and also we can access the rear yard without having to go through their bedroom.

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