Looking for expert opinion on external colour scheme

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are first home builders and looking for guidance on external colour scheme.

Posting below the elevation and colour selections

1. Front elevation (facing east)

2. Side (facing south)


1. Roof - Boral slimline twilight

2. Gutter, Fascia - Colourbond surfmist colour

3. First floor render and poles - Colourbond surfmist colour

4. Downpipes - Colourbond woodland grey colour

5. Ground floor render - Colourbond woodland grey colour

6. Main door, garage, render above garage - Colourbond surfmist colour

7. Window frames - Colourbond woodland grey colour

8. Bricks - Austral access stone

We initially had colourbond monument for gutter, fascia, front render and later changed to woodland grey as monument appeared too dark for the ground floor render.

We are still not sure if the roof is too dark and roof colour and surfmist will be too much of a contrast. Or if this schema is too dull. We are based in Melbourne.

We picked the colours without guidance from any experts. So very keen to hear if they make sense. Happy to hear your suggestions. Thanks for your time!

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