Before & After: A small city courtyard gets a grand tropical feel

Inspiring Landscape Solutions by Parveen Dhaliwal
last month
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This client came to me with a big problem: they were staring at an ugly and cracked flat wall and nothing would grow in their retaining wall except for weeds. It's a small space surrounded by neighbours on all sides.

Rather than just focusing on the garden, we took a more holistic approach to realise the full potential of the area. The cracked wall was a huge eyesore that had to be addressed. By encouraging the client to approach their neighbours with a proposal that would benefit all, we were able to implement an outside-the-box solution that completely transformed the space.

We maximised their use of the space by utilising vertical lines: fence, walls, and retaining wall. We also incorporated lighting to extend their enjoyment of outdoor visuals at night. The conceptual design included the choice of artwork, a colour consultation, planting design and styling suggestions to suit their modern taste. The existing paving was retained. We included hanging baskets as another way to green up the space.

Creativity played a huge role in giving this small space a lush feel. The end result is a low-maintenance tropical oasis that will give the client something visually appealing to look at from every corner of their home!

What do you think of this courtyard transformation?

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  • PRO
    TF Designs
    last month

    I love how you were able to make the space feel bigger than it actually is. The mural adds depth. Much better than staring at a concrete wall!

    Inspiring Landscape Solutions by Parveen Dhaliwal thanked TF Designs
  • Kath
    last month

    Yep, adding the artwork was inspired.

    Inspiring Landscape Solutions by Parveen Dhaliwal thanked Kath
  • PRO
    Aus Joinery Kitchens Pty Ltd
    last month

    Gorgeous, looks like a beautiful place to chill and escape.

    Inspiring Landscape Solutions by Parveen Dhaliwal thanked Aus Joinery Kitchens Pty Ltd
  • Adam Claxton
    10 days ago

    Updating the bog-standard slat fencing is another inspired change.