Hidden Underground Garage

2 months ago

I love cars . I was watching a program the other day about a guy who has a $20 million car , the huge house , etc . He drove into his coblestoned driveway , drove towards his 4 or 6 garages , pushed a button , and part of his driveway started to lift up . Within maybe 20 seconds this became the roof , and he drove his car onto the 'lower platform' ( sort of looks like a carport ) . He hopped out of his $20 million car , pushed the remote again , and it dropped down out of sight.

I thought that was so , so cool !

A very wealthy mate of mine built a very expensive house maybe 15 years ago , and he's a car nut too . Basically , he has a 10-15 car garage as the basement ( mostly underground ) but at the entrance he had an automatic carwash built in , so whenever he wants he can wash whatever he is driving at the push of a button . I thought that was cool , but a hidden underground garage seems even cooler to me .

Has anyone actually seen one , seen one in operation ?