Belling Richmond Freestanding Oven

last month

Have been looking at the Belling Richmond 3 door stove at Harvey Norman - thought we had our stove dilemma solved, only to come home and Google numerous negative reviews ......

I “get” that people normally only review if mega impressed or super unhappy ......

BUT would LOVE some personal feedback from anyone who has one - PLEASE !!!

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  • Michelle
    16 days ago

    I was in Harvey Norman looking at Belling Stoves and the one I looked at part of one of the knobs fell off when I touched it. The salesman said it was supposed to do that to make it easier to clean. Not so! It had a pathetic little blob of glue behind it.
    I looked at Belling stoves years ago and planned to get one when my existing stove died. Since then the quality has nosedived.
    I have ordered an Esse instead.