Height and depth of a recessed mirror

Andrew Lau
last month

Hi there

I am renovating my bathroom and have a question regarding recessed mirrors. I am planning on having a 850mm wall hung vanity. Above that I have allowed a 200mm splashback (actual tap height 150mm to sit on counter top). Above the splashback, I am planning a 200mm shelf. As a result, my mirror will be sitting 400mm above the vanity. Is that too high? If it is too high and based on my measurements, what would you reduce - the splashback or shelf height?

I am also planning to recess my mirror. I have approx 100mm wall cavity. As a result, the medicine will stick out. I have two choices in with - 1300mm or 1500mm? Which one would you go for? And oh- my vanity width is 3600mm

Thanks in advance

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