Advise on redesigning house

Jake Ren
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have been going round in circles trying to plan a renovation so would greatly appreciate some advice...

Current floor plan:

Current layout (contents are sketched and not to scale sorry)

Desired outcomes:

  1. A more defined 'entrance' area (some people have commented they like it as it is, with the front door opening right into the house, but I would prefer a specific entrance space - be interested in peoples opinions on this)
  2. A more spacious main bathroom, with separate shower and bath
  3. A space for a home office (ideally with room for two, but that's not essential)
  4. An en-suite for third bedroom (ideally toilet, basin and shower; but might not be able to fit shower)
  5. EDIT: we really want a nice master bedroom and a nice guest room, hence the desire to add an en-suite to bedroom 3. Even though it is smaller, we have toyed with making Bedroom 3 the master as it's away from the street so is quieter and more private, plus it's not an ideal location for guests being near the laundry and kitchen. And then bedroom 1 would be the guest room.

This is where I got to before I decided I needed advice!

EDIT: I have updated this floor plan and included some annotations

Few other notes:

  1. What are the thoughts on Bedroom 1's en-suite being off the wardrobe? Personally, I'm not a fan of it so originally planned to move the en-suite door to be off the bedroom. But this does mean there's three doors on the one wall (middle one into WIR wouldn't need a door - could just leave as an opening like it is now)
  2. The door into bedroom 1 used to open into the little passage way, but we have moved this to open into the room - see images below of bedroom 1:

Bedroom 1s original layout

New door into bedroom 1 (original door used to open in the passage which reduced access width by about 100mm)

Potential en-suite door location

Front of bedroom, for context (excuse the sander - was the only picture I could find!)