Choosing the right colours for to decorate my house

Rocio Carrion
7 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Dear friends from Houzz, I LOVE ur website, I read all ur newsletters and I can spend hours searching for ideas with u guys... My partner and I are renovating our home and I am in charge or the decoration. I have a dilemma, I had already chosen the colours for y house white and blue with some glass and silver accent decors until I saw this table. The funny thing is I don't like black! But I like the design... I am a white girl but I saw this table and I totally fell in love with it that has put my entire decoration on hold... Is there any possibility to have this table for my dinning room if my living room is white and blue? I don't want to have a white and black living room too but the dinning is right next to the living room and in my understanding to bring the whole decoration together I need to have black in my living room. The main concern for me what type of accent rug I will buy for my living room? I want it white and blue but I will have a black table close by and it's gonna look too different and probably won't match? My original plan was to have white sofas with blue and white rug and accent chair. And for the living room ghost chairs and glass table but since I saw this black table I am stuck! The form of the table is very unique and I cannot find anything in white :( pls help... I thought about zebra accent chair and silver greyish accent rug but my partner doesn't like the idea

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