Really need help with room layout and rug

Andy Killick
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

So we moved in a year ago and are still struggling with the room layout.

As per the pics I prefer sofa close to the wall as it makes room bigger and separates lounge / dining a bit more (would do a slat divider one day to separate entrance).

My partner prefers the sofa closer to the so have a walkway behind (don't have too many visitors coming though).

Aside from that issue, we've just bought a rug, and it doesn't look right. I know grey would match better, but I liked this colour as a bit bolder / different (maybe wrong!?)

And now I think it might be a bit small as per tips found online etc. Is the rug the wrong colour, does it need to be bigger? ( Initially Thought bigger would make room look smaller)

(we are planning on getting round nesting coffee tables to go on it)

Any other tips / advice would be greatly appreciated.


Please excuse the mess, and the wood, am planning on doing some floating shelves

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