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2 months ago
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Hi all

My parents are in the process of having a new home designed. Have had initial concept plans back from the architects. Overall they are happy with the look of the house and the overall footprint but there are few issues things they are not happy with in the room layout as it is orientated for best sun (in Wellington/Wairarapa, NZ). So before they go back to the architects with their thoughts, they'd like to gather some other thoughts/opinions/suggestions.

They dont like;

- the entry area to the far side, so want the garage shifted to the right. and the entry more central.

- they didnt want too many hallways but there is a lot, moving entry will help reduce amount of hallways.

- kitchen/pantry/living/dining

- laundry - wanted something bit bigger

- study, my dad is of the opinion its too far from the living areas and too close to the main bedroom. (i'm debating with him does he even need a study being that he is in his early 70s and will not be working too much longer - he's already scaling back, so does he need a study, a desk in a cupboard would suffice).

- main bedrooms ensuite & walkin wardrobe. Ensuite has to have a 1.8m x 1m shower.

Link to scale A3 plan with the current layout - new house plan

*added* - plan showing North (garage is facing north), blue box is 20m wide x 21.5m deep which is max build zone as there has to be 5m boundary to front, 2 x 3m and 1 x 1.5m.

If anyone has any suggestions on possible alternate layouts of some or all spaces to address teh above issues that would be great. I'm sure there will be some things which we have thought about or considered.

Thanks in advance for your time,


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