Please Help!! How can I arrange/design this small living space?

Jessica Pham
7 years ago
My partner and I just purchased a 1950s bach/ cottage/ starter house a few months ago. We've done some renovations so far (re-gib the ceiling, polished the wooden floor, painted the walls etc), now it comes to arranging the room and we are lost. It is a small room with too many doors, and I don't know how to arrange the furniture.

The photos show how the room is at the moment. The sofa bed, table, curtains are temporary. The door beside the French door with brown curtain is the main front door. The French doors (front and kitchen) will probably be black. I'm thinking of hanging the TV up on the wall with some photographs/prints in gallery style, underneath will be a long entertainment unit. A glass coffee table to open up the space, and a low-profile white or gray sofa in the middle of the room? Do you think placing a sofa in the middle will divide the space and make it look smaller? Is there another way to arrange it? Should I have 1 sofa facing the TV or 2 smaller love seats on an angle? We like to cuddle up and watch movies but also want a place to have conversations with occasional guests. Any thought at all is appreciated! We are completely in a puzzle.

I have attached here some photos of the kitchen too. I want to make the house more open plan and would like to paint the walls and cabinets in the same white colour as the living room (except the wall behind the fridge and dining table). Do you think it is a good or bad idea? We are going to replace the green kitchen counter, the dining table, chairs, install extractor fan above the stoves, etc..

To sum up, I'm flexible in changing almost everything (not structural ones) to make the house a more comfortable and stylish space (we haven't bought any furniture anyway). Eclectic contemporary style is my favourite. The outside of the house is stucco, we are still deciding on the paint colour, might go with sandy gray for both the exterior wall and window trims (don't know if this is relevant but thought I'd add in some context).

It's a small house but I'd like to make it as cozy and nice as possible. I appreciate any help. Thank you :-D

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