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April 3, 2019
last modified: April 3, 2019

We are after some opinions on renovating our bathroom.A few years ago we did an extension by adding a second level for bedrooms. We have an ensuite and the kids bathroom which has a bath.The attached pic is the original bathroom downstairs (separate toilet) that we want to renovate to match our other bathrooms. This bathroom is for hand washing and guests when they stay.So our question is... do we keep a bath or not?We would get a deep bath as we don't fit in the kid's one upstairs.3 options we're considering are;1. Same layout with Back to wall freestanding bath, vanity and squared up frameless shower2. Back to wall Bath where it is with shower next to it- wet area with screen then vanity as you walk in3. No bath, just big shower and bigger vanity (will only fit 750 if we keep the bath).
Our room is approx 1.9m x 2.6m
(Tried to attach pics but it didn't work- not sure how to!)

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    Without a photo or plan nobody can make a sensible comment. Try loading a photo as a comment.

    Best of luck,

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  • siriuskey

    Hi Reneeair, Retro means for you to make a comment like I have just done and attach your "Photo" cheers

  • Kate

    Hi Reneeair, firstly the decision of the bath. I doubt guests will use it, but if you will then include it. That's a personal decision.

    The next question is - Is there a basin in the separate toilet. If not I would look at taking some space from the bathroom to add a basin into the toilet, or move/combine toilet into the bathroom.

    It would help to have a full floor plan, both levels to see how everything fits together.

    (I have trouble inserting images too)

  • Stu Hasic

    We just finished renovating our 22 year old main bathroom that we included when we owner built our home. We originally had a massive corner bath complete with step to get in and not once in 22 years did we use it. At the opposite end of the bathroom was a much smaller shower which four of us used every day. When we decided to redo it from scratch, we swapped their positions, making the shower enormous and putting in a 1500mm free standing back to wall bath - ONLY because the bathroom is big. When we redo the second bathroom, which is much smaller, which has a shower in the bath, we are doing away with the bath altogether. Waste of space and money.