Black tapware: Timeless or a fad?

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July 6, 2015
last modified: July 6, 2015

Do you think that the recent trend of black tapware is here to stay or is it a fad likely to fade as quickly as it appeared?

The black matt-finished tapware lends a sleek and elegant touch for any contemporary space, from the industrial to ultra-modern. The stark look is usually contrasted against white tiles in a kitchen or bathroom.


Comments (20)

  • Sharon Bouchard

    I have seen this style in Europe for many years but I doubt that Australians will stick with it for very long.

  • chookchook2

    It's nice in the right bathroom.

  • Miranda Rose
    Black? Oil rubbed bronze has been popular for awhile now. This is a more modern take on it. I think it has potential to last.
  • PRO
    AKS Homes Pty Ltd

    I agree that it will most probably be a bit of a fad in Australia.

  • Lucy Magill

    Ive just got new black tapware and i LOVE it!!

  • goneon

    A change is as good as a rest!

  • goneon

    I should have added I have put standard chrome in the bathrooms, but the Laundry where the men go with yucky hands I'm trying black! anything for an easy life..................................

  • LouieT

    I would love to have black tapware - whether fad or fashion!

  • f00lpr00f

    We have just done some major renovations in our 1860's stone cottage and opted for tapware, shower head and towel rails all in black with large white tiles from floor to ceiling. Looks fabulous!!!

  • dlextension

    I voted it as a fad, but at the same time, it can be very stylish when installed in the correct setting. We ordered chrome taps for our extension. Black is not for us.

  • Naomi
    Black might be easier to keep clean, as well as being more sophisticated IMO, hate constantly polishing watermarks off chrome fixtures
  • Kim Westwood

    sometimes I like it others no, depends on how its used, definately not in kitchen. some bathrooms it looks great. personally not for me.

  • Kim Westwood

    i still think its a fad until something else comes along. taps are not something I would like to change too often

  • junipergirl

    Back in the 70's it was popular but soon lost ground. Back then often the 'Victorian era' was all the rage and lots of black taps, big wooden dark boards, and lots of red were used in bathrooms. Today's brighter and lighter bathrooms look nice with the black tapware, but personally I don't like it. Who knows if a big black spidey has crawled on it and then I go to turn on a tap.......arrrrgh, I hate big black spidies!

  • Jenny

    If the black is only on the surface , chipping could be a problem.

  • MarieKate

    I love black tapware and I think it will be around for a few years. It seems that black, copper and all things coloured are making big waves. Black is such a great complementary bathroom colour for all the brights that are also trending and probably here to stay for a while.


  • lomboshouse

    I like the look of it but won't it scratch and then look very tatty?

  • Jenny

    I keep a black permanent marker handy. Plus various brown textas for timber touch ups.

  • Anjali Verma

    I think it hugely depends upon the mentality of customers as to whether will they give up the traditional silver coloured taps for these new blackware bathroom accessories.


  • robandlyn

    It's interesting that the original post is 4 years old, but black taps are still very much on trend.....some 'fads' only last a year or two max.