Exterior makeover... where do we start?!!

Kalinda Beamish
April 19, 2019
This is our very tired 1970’s/early 80’s home on 5 acres in Tasmania. We have been living here for about a year now and taking our time to get the ‘feel’ of the place before we started to make changes.
We are looking for advice on how to freshen up the exterior - obviously the mission brown goes... and our initial thoughts are to run a deck along the full front of the house and paint. The big questions are do we paint the bricks and what colour scheme we should use to keep a rural feel? Open to all ideas and suggestions. Thanks Kalinda and Chris

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  • JE C
    Hi, are the pictures the front or back?
  • julie herbert
    Hi Kalinda,
    A deck along the length of your house will create a fabulous extra living area
  • julie herbert
    Also you could extend it out further with paving if you want an even larger area, battens on pergola roof would add a beautiful ambiance, lots of lush plants, lovely comfortable furniture and you could relax there all day, pick up a colour from the grey/charcoal range to add a more modern feel.
  • julie herbert
    But I would only paint trims, not the bricks as they look great.
  • siriuskey

    I would work with refreshing the mission brown, I think it must nearly time for it to come around again, bricks look great, great ideas for the outside above

  • Kalinda Beamish
    Hi JE C, the photos are out the front
  • Kalinda Beamish
    Thanks Julie, fantastic ideas and photos! I think the deck along the front is a must.
  • PRO
    MB Design & Drafting

    Leave bricks just pressure clean. Repaint over the brown, probably white for me.

    I'm not a fan of brown on brown nor grey on grey.

  • siriuskey

    One of the houses in our street from that period has just repainted keeping the mission brown, it's a two story house. Yours being a single story you could add a mid century vibe by painting the front door a different colour

  • Maursie
    Will the deck be used as a entertaining area or just a entrance?
    If it’s used as a entrance you maybe don’t need to make it big deck landscaping might soften the front. We have used Modwood with great success on our decks in Southern Tasmania like the suggestion of a coloured door...what’s your favourite colour we have a beautiful yellow door on our holiday house milky glass door on our home.
  • Kalinda Beamish
    Thanks for the suggestions Maursie. We have an outside courtyard that we use for entertaining. The front will be for the entrance and we will some comfy seats/rockers to give the place a ‘homestead’ feel.