Help! Advice for an ensuite and walk-in robe layout

Natalie A
March 24, 2019
last modified: April 11, 2019

Hi all, I can't figure out how to improve the layout of my WIR and en-suite. The builder thinks the WIR may be too small and I think they are right. We don't need something huge but 100mm or 200mm may make a difference... can anyone else figure out how we can improve this? We want to be able to put the king size bed opposite the door if we can, so the doors to the WIR and en-suite need to be at the far ends to allow room for this... i think we may need to extend the whole house by 300mm just to accommodate this. Anyone got any good ideas? the pics show the current dimensions, the 2nd one has the bed/side drawers to scale where we want them... any other way of configuring it so the WIR is larger?

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  • SP

    My first thought is to make the ensuite slightly smaller. Maybe make the vanity narrower, and possibly rotate it so that they are facing the front of house?

  • dreamer
    Is there a reason as to why you want the bed on that wall. You will wear a track around the bed from WIR to the ensuite. Could you put the bed on the same wall as the door. Extend one side of the WIR 2 metres out. Move the bed closer to the window. Reconfigure the ensuite so the door is in the middle of room. Then the ensuite and hanging space is easily accessible without having to walk around your king bed.
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    Brian-Custom Made Cabinets Maker

    Hi Natalie, How about reduce the width of vanity, and if possible, change the wall between vanity and toliet to be some material wihch could be thineer, like frosted glass, then you could enlarge the walk in robe area.

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  • oklouise

    the challenge with the king sized bed and sidetables (needing about 3m of wall space plus 2m for two doors) is that you need so much extra walking space for the extra doorway..my first suggestion has comfortable walking paths, generous ensuite with 1800 wide shower, 1800 wide vanity and generous space for two people to share...the wiw has 6.7m of wall space plus there's room in the bedroom for chests of drawers and optional extra biw

    and you could make the wiw feel more spacious by removing one wall of storage for more standing room and stealing more space off the bedroom would allow for bigger wiw and a separate toilet in the ensuite

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  • Marnie Hamilton
    I really like OKlouise’s suggestions esp 3rd.
    You need to think how you will use the space. My husband often leaves the house really early so I love having our robe and en-suite connected so he goes in closes the door and doesn’t disturb me. Also think about line of sight if bedroom door is left open, especially given it is near the front door!
    Good luck
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  • Natalie A

    Thank you everyone. Some great design ideas. SO glad I posted this. I think we will go with oklouise option 3 - doorway to en suite through the WIW. I wanted to have the bed on that wall to be able to see the bedroom door from bed... weird i know but I think its a security thing... this will solve my dilemma in all aspects. Great idea about the glass partition and the reduced vanity size too Brian - greatly appreciated :)

  • siriuskey

    A late idea Natalie, seeing as you have lovely 3 m ceilings,

    , to give the master some privacy from the entrance a small entrance vestible which gives access to the ensuite and robe this will also give protection to the partner that might be getting up later or coming home later for that matter.

    I did forget to add a tall narrow window at the end of the WIR to allow natural light into that space, WIRs can be dark.

    The ensuite would have a high window above the shower for fresh air and light

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    Brian-Custom Made Cabinets Maker

    Hi Natalie,

    Have the bedroom layout been decsided yet?

    One of our customers is going to order cabinetry from us for his new house, now we are doing joinery design for him, he has a similar master bedroom.

    Maybe this couldl give some ideas also.

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  • lynne MANWARING

    Hi Natalie, we are doing a very similar layout but a little smaller (4000 x 2700) my biggest issue was dealing with the heights of the windows because the ones on the front are tall and narrow and the side one is wide and too high to put the vanity on it. also we couldnt swap them over because we cant move the plumbing over. but I think it is going to be a good resolution. Good luck with your reno. Regards Lynne

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  • lyndagoulden

    The only thought I could add to the already brilliant ones given, would be to move the door of the bedroom itself further towards the front door, giving you the ability to place the head of the bed onto the 4300mm wall.

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  • ushi p

    hi Natalie - I like 'siriuskey' idea -

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  • lyndagoulden

    I really like siriuskey's idea - my only thought would be that, you could afford to forgo a little of the shelving in favour of having double cavity doors into the bedroom, giving you a grand entrance into your private boudoir.

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