Help with my small bathroom layout & update!

Cassie McIntyre
May 9, 2018

I am looking to update my bathroom on a relatively small budget, but am having trouble with a layout that works.

The bathroom is quite small (2.7m x 2.0m). This is the only bathroom in the house so we are hoping to keep a bath in there if possible.

Our original thoughts were to extend the size of the shower (currently 900x900) into the linen cupboard area to make it bigger. We then thought to position the bath on the back wall under the window but not sure if that's going to leave enough room? then have the vanity on the wall the bath is currently along?

We also going to change the door to a cavity slider to hopefully utilise the space better.

Any thoughts would be so appreciated!

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    On The Ball Bathrooms

    Hi Cassie, I think the bath under the window is best idea as you if you want you can have a 1700mm long bath and a big shower with still keeping a 1200mm vanity in the room will give you all three items of a large size. I did a quick drawing of what it would look like with the spacing you gave and the last image is of a bathroom we did with a similar spacing except with a 900 x 900 screen. Hopefully, that helps a little good luck with the renovation

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  • siriuskey

    Hi Cassie, Just another thought to add to On the Ball Bathrooms. Extending the shower using the linen cupboard, this might possibly be able to be moved into the laundry. Basically keeping the bath/shower and vanity in the same position but with a wall hung vanity which extends across the end of the bath plus a mirrored shaving cabinet above the vanity cheers

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  • Cassie McIntyre

    Hi all,

    Just thought I would come back to show the finished product of our bathroom renovation.

    I think based on the previous comments we were all thinking along the same lines and now seeing it come to life we are incredibly stoked with the outcome.

    Thanks :)

  • me me
    Looks really good, well done!
  • Leonie Van der Meer

    Looks great. We want to do the same. How much did it cost?