How to Maximise Living Space

David Soliman
April 8, 2019

hi there

Just wondering if someone could provide some advice on how to maximise our living space whilst not removing the kitchen island bench?

It appears the way this is currently designed gives approx 4.1mx4m space however a walk way need to be included in that equation.


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    Despina Design

    Furniture selection and placement are key. Traffic flow needs to be considered but not dominate the placement plan. Generally in this situation, I would recommend uncluttered clean furniture forms which allow greater floor visibility. Sofa and occasional chair seating arrangements, appear lighter and allow more for traffic flow flexibility, than corner sectionals. Wall hang (floating) consoles or wall units, visually free up floor space, as do narrow extendable dining tables and suspension task lighting.

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  • David Soliman

    Hi Despina Design,

    Thanks for the feedback, what kind of traffic flow width would you generally recommend?

    The only request my wife had was deep comfy lounges, not sure how to incorporate that into this design.

    I'm already sold on the floating consoles, i also feel like the dinning area is fairly large compared to the living space? this is also approx 4.1x3.8? (Maybe a square table?)

    Would you consider the kitchen layout appropriate? I think the fridge cabinets will need to come out another 200mm which will either make the island bench smaller or the island bench to the wall with the window smaller.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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    Despina Design

    Hi David,

    Around 600 -650mm between furniture and 750mm minimum on main thoroughfare.

    In regards seating, clean forms don't necessarily negate depth or comfort.

    A square table is not the right fit for the space. As meals has sufficient space a rectangle table will emphasize the length of the space where as a square table will segment it. Meals floor area is large enough to allow for comfortable dining as well as access to the alfresco area.

    If K island squared off with base cabinet at the side of the lounge this would allow for the R cabinet depth to increase. I would also reduce the distance between island and base cabinets to 1000mm

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  • David Soliman

    Thanks Despina Design

    I agree with the rectangle table to emphasise the length, potentially some stools parallel to this table on the island.

    I'm not sure about decreasing the 3.6m distance from the island to window. We like to entertain so the more seats we have the better.

    Would something like this work?

  • Debbie Anastassiou

    Have you considered sliding doors for linen in leiu of french doors? This would open the opportunity for the R cabinet to be recessed....

  • Debbie Anastassiou

    lounges dig in too much into kitchen /meals area.