Quick Step Readyflor Blackbutt 1 strip XL - Experiences?

Caroline Brown
March 23, 2019

We are planning a whole house renovation, and are looking to replace the flooring in the house (all except bathrooms and laundry - about 170 sq m) with Quick Step Readyflor Blackbutt 1 Strip XL. I haven't really been able to find any reviews online, or even many photos of the product installed.

Has anyone used this product for their flooring? I would love to hear of people's experience with it, good or bad, especially over time in terms of scratching, cupping, anything really. Any photos would be great too if anyone has them.

Many thanks!

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    Hi Caroline, we recently installed quickstep engineered timber blackbutt 200sqm. You can see some photos here. a beautiful timber floor. Feel free to contact us anytime for any questions.