Southern cross ceramics 'infinity' tiles

March 1, 2016
last modified: August 22, 2017

Has anyone used these tiles in their bathroom? Would love to see how they been used by others. Thanks!

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  • Rellish
    Very true....My first love was the Ming....but I think long term the millpond is slightly more neutral & understated...I think the Ming would be too intense over time....and not to everyone's taste when considering resale.
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  • Vy

    Yeoman's is great ..awesome service ..Hampton for me the other one is too busy makes me dizzy just looking at it ..

    don't like the bevelled subway ..not used to it bevelled

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  • hazsco Scott
    Hampton and maybe plain subway, but I'd prefer big plain white.
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  • scottevie

    Hampton it is (finally got hubby to take a look and give the OK) and will look into largish plain white and some nice floor tiles to give with it. Thanks for all the opinions! Excited!!

  • portpiro

    I've built several houses and the one thing I've learned is keep it simple. Anything patterned will date as tile manufacturers are driving change to keep fashion evolving and to sell more tiles. I'm not mad keen on subway with bevelled edges to be honest, Too much grout. I prefer large format white and if you want to add interest there's a multitude of interesting patterns that can be created on the floor with inexpensive tiles laid in patterns. You can add colour and interest in your choice of towels and window blind, even artwork. Things that cost nothing and instantly update the bathroom colour scheme.

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  • Rellish
    Hi Scott Evie, just wondered if u have an update picture of your tile choice? Have attached photo of my kitchen splashback...which I love, in the Centris Millpond....hope u r happy with your choice too!
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  • Vy

    Relle Belle looks amazing it..

  • scottevie

    Hi Relle Belle that looks so fresh and pretty! We have our tiles sitting in dining room ready for hubby to get to them but life and work slowing things down. Midway through bathroom Reno. We went with the hamptons design in the mineral colour (very very light blue/green colour) and will have same size tiles in white on other walls as suggested above. Very excited to see the finished result

    Colour not as saturated as appears in the online tile example.

  • Rellish feels very fresh too..I love it and everyone who has visited so far has commented the kitchen is their favourite... closely followed by my ensuite!!
  • Rellish
    Good luck too with getting your Reno complete... look fwd to seeing your photos! The mineral us a beautiful colour...delicate!
  • Gallifrey

    I would also be worried about a bevelled subway tile dating. Too much structure for my liking and very overdone at the moment.

  • Heidi Allen

    Hi I am planning to use the Hampton in Millpond colour as a feature wall in my ensuite reno, the other 3 walls will be white large format gloss tiles but I am struggling big time with a choice for the floor. The room has jarrah coloured floor boards. I love terracotta floor tiles but think this will look all wrong. Has anyone got any suggestions for a floor tile? If I can't be sure I've found something that will work then I might just go a terracotta tile on the floor with all white walls and introduce the colour with accents. I usually don't opt out of bold choices though so hope I can find something that will work as I love the Millpond colour! Hope someone can help :-)

  • mrspartridge1234

    Hi Heidi, we have just done an ensuite - sounds similar. One wall is inifinity centris in millpond, the other walls are large satin white tiles. For the floor we used a charcoal colour. Pic attached. Its not quite finished so a bit dusty.

  • scottevie

    A (very) slow work in progress but hubby has finally got our tiles in and grouted. Yay! Obviously still need to silicone gap fill but very pleased with the way the bath tap holes match up to the 3D tile pattern.

  • scottevie

    Freestanding French tub, single panel shower screen, heritage style exposed rail shower to come. The marble was repurposed from the vanity splashback

  • goshterry

    any other infinity pics? just ordered hampton in whisper for kitchen splash. just bit worried it might be bit too much?

  • scottevie

    The texture doesn't come up well in photo from a distance, but here is our slow to move forward DIY bathroom pre-painting.

    Have you had the opportunity to see the tile in real life? The depth of the texture is relatively small so it comes across fairly subtle in my opinion. Here is a pic of a scrap piece to demonstrate.

  • Jo M

    I love this tile, and love the colour you have chosen.

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  • Haim

    Hi folks.

    Ive just finished installing infinity koi-millpond in the bathroom with Ardex Magellan grey grout (best match I could find and goes with the floor). Am pretty disappointed with the finish, as the window over casts of a shadow on the rippled patten at the grout line. Has the effect of making the joint line look different widths and like the grout is dirty already on day one!

    Just wondering what grout colour others have used with these tiles- as I'm not happy with the look and

    about ready to gouge out the grout and redo it!

  • goshterry

    I'm just waiting on Hampton in feather for my splash back - love the samplevtike but am slightly nervous how it will look with everything else once up!

  • bigreader
    @Haim love the tile but you're right the grout doesn't look quite right.
  • dragonflylrf

    @Haim I'd also be very interested in what colour grout people are using with Millpond colour.... the inability to match one is putting me off using them!

  • scottevie

    For millpond grout discussion see here:

    Unfortunately the type suggested as best match sounds like it was discontinued. Nevertheless, the recommendation was for this brand from here: 

    Perhaps try a sample of turquoise or ask their advice? ...You might be able mix your own match...

  • goshterry

    Your tiles look great scottevie - and how did you match the grout so well? colour is lovely and fresh - I'm bit worried my whisper tiles might look bit dirty as my neighbour pointed out the other day : / oh well too late now...

  • Haim
    Hi folks.
    Thanks for the helpful suggestions above.

    Just thought I'd update the thread to close it out. I ended up grinding out all the Magellan grey grout with a dremel tile grout bit. Turns out that this is actually pretty easy to do but you have to be very careful not to chip edges. I did some tests with Ardex ultra white grout and mist grey both pics attached for reference.
    The white looks pretty ordinary in my opinion as it frames the tiles too much and takes away from the nice pattern.
    The Magellan grey used previously looked bad- I'd recommend you don't go there unless you do a test patch first and there are no light sources or windows above/ below your walls as it will look patchy. It's too dark a grout for this tile.
    Misty grey was a nice soft look and what I ended up going with.
    If you are going to try and mix your own colours as mentioned above, just ensure you consider if you can also get a matching silicone for your joint lines.

    Hope this helps others!

    Left is misty grey. Central is Magellan grey. Right is ultra white.
  • Haim
    Final pics of millpond koi with misty grey
  • Haim
    Also another thing to consider if you're going to use this type of tile is the fact that you can't score and snap the tiles (according to manufacturer- and at the price per tile I wasn't about to test it!). This means that you have to cut all the tiles with a grinder. I did a dry cut with diamond wheel and it's very hard (impossible?) to not get any chips in the edges, so you end up with minor patches of white sub-base colour showing through. Some additional chamfer grinding with a flap disc helped, but couldn't eliminate the problem.
    Not to discourage others from using them as they look great overall, but if you are going to use them, I'd recommend that you either try a wet cut tile saw which may work better, or only use them on large sections of wall where you can plan you tiling sequence in detail beforehand and hide the cut edges with the adjacent corner tile and grout overlapping the cut edges.
    I had the window central to wall, meaning lots of cuts in obvious places that couldn't be concealed which was a bit of a pain.
    People with an eye for detail will spot it but Joe and Sarah Bloggs might not!
  • Adelle LH

    A good heads up from Haim.

    To anyone cutting these beautiful tiles, highly glossy or glass-faced tiles, or vitrified (hard) porcelain tiles -

    Always use a new/sharp diamond blade, whether using an angle grinder or a wetsaw. Best to use a continuous rim (soft tiles only) or thin mesh type blade (good for all). The BD-MTR-105 blade by BAT is by far the best all rounder we've come across, and reasonably priced (not cheap, but generally under $50, and they last the full job with most tile types). If you're using an angle grinder then a spray bottle with water in can help, or even a hose trickling on the tile surface as you cut. And running a fine abrasive wheel (eg. DTA PVA100060) along the edge by hand once cut will smooth any tiny sharp bits. Plus, if you've got a fair bit of tiling to do / a couple bathrooms to tile, investing in a little benchtop wetsaw or freestanding wetsaw is well worth it, since you can pick up a suitably decent one for between $300-$600 plus the cost of a good blade (don't bother with the 'ceramic' blade they usually come with if you've got anything more than a few wall tiles to cut). After all, if you're spending upwards of $600 on your tiles then it's worth the peace of mind and a job well done (and faster). Just make sure if you get a freestanding wetsaw that the cutting length/deck is at least as long as your tile (over 600mm and you'll need a benchtop model, or a pro saw and more money).

    Happy Tiling!


  • Samantha Hamer
    Hi Rellish I don’t know if you will ever read this but I was wondering what beautiful paint you used to complement your millpond tiles so well. It looks amazing.
  • Rellish
    hi was a simple colour match to the tile. it was Haymes paint I think. Glad you like of my fave things ... initially I wasn't going to do it..was a bit scared it would be too glad I did though as I was just looking through some of the build photos when it was still white...and in hindsight that just looked to stark!
  • Samantha Hamer
    I’m hearing you ! This is our second house. Our last was soooo stark and I’m so sick of people tut tutting my desire to have colour and atmosphere in my new house. You’ve done well thank you so much for responding
  • Rellish
    are you planning on using these tiles? I doubt you'll regret's the feature everyone comments on. I think with colour have that one solid feature colour that you love and won't get sick of....and then accent with cushions rugs etc. I have loved this particular colour for years, if you look through my wardrobe over the years there's always been things in this colour or the same family of colour...I just got lucky that when I built it was an " on trend" it made it easy to find things in the colour range....but I didnt choose it cos it's trendy I chose it cos I love it....that's the key I think!! Good luck with your build!
  • Samantha Hamer
    Yes I’ve chosen Medina pattern in millpond. I got so lucky with the person at the tile shop as she is also a colour consultant and interior designer. I told her I loved these tiles I’d seen at our kitchen company but I wanted the millpond colour and she thought it would play so well with our house and Hamptons theme. Our other colours are white and grey. We’ve found another tile with a very similar pattern in grey and white for the bathroom feature walls. I’ve always loved the colour too! The lady at the tile shop also helped me find a paint colour to complement the tile that’s going thru the house. But I could match it like you did. I love all the tiles southern cross make!
    The millpond tile is going to be the focal point of our kitchen around a feature old school rangehood.
  • Rellish
    sounds beautiful
    ..update with photos when you're finished!!
  • Donna Piva
    I recently used the infinity koi tiles as feature walls in my main bathroom and ensuite when we built our new home. I had very high expectations because of the examples I had seen on their website and brochures but was really disappointed with the quality of the tiles. The grey colour did not fully cover the whole tile to the edges and as you can see in the photos, it stands out like the proverbial
  • cloudpants
    Donna Piva, I love your tiles regardless! Gorgeous.
  • Kristy Bentley
    I would love to hear from anyone who has used the infinity tiles as their kitchen splashback to find out how well have worn and any tips for cleaning and keeping them looking pristine?
    My handy husband has just about finished installing the Infinity Brighton Tiles in my new kitchen and I would love to keep them looking as beautiful as they do now... ?
  • Rellish
    I have had them in for two years, I wipe them down whenever they get splattered and they still look great. I put a grout dealer in before I started using the cooktop as well. I think mine were Centris millpond a soft duck egg blue kind of colour.
  • Rellish
    grout dealer sorry...not dealer!
  • Rellish
    omg stupid auto correct.....SEALER!!
  • Kristy Bentley
    Thank you that is good to know. Do you just use warm soapy water to wash them down? I was wondering about a grout sealer but I only have thin grout lines so it might be too hard to paint the grout sealer neatly onto the grout lines... (I guess the thin grout lines means it won’t show up if the grout does get stained over the years?)
    Mine are a grey/navy blue color (can’t remember the color name) :)
  • Samantha Hamer
    Would the colour name be Tempest? I changed my mind and went from Millpond to Tempest. They’ve been delivered apparently to our house can’t wait to see the finished product.
  • Kristy Bentley
    I think perhaps the color is Panama? (But not sure) it is a dusty navy blue color.
    Included photos below however the color in photo doesn’t look quite like it does in real life :)
  • Samantha Hamer
    That looks lovely looking at the website my colour tempest looks to be the lighter version of yours. Having a similar white kitchen too.
  • cloudpants
    HU those tiles look amazing, especially next to the lush gold tapware!
  • Kristy Bentley
    Samantha Hammer, very excited for you getting a new kitchen! I waited 14 years to finally get my new kitchen and am in love with it... the kitchen we had before didn’t function at all and was all brown with salmon pink benchtops and very enclosed and depressing! We knocked down a wall and totally redesigned the entire layout. (the first two kitchen places I had out to give me a quote totally mocked my design and told me I had to stick to the layout I had. The third place built the kitchen to exactly the plans and measurement that I drew up myself and I am so glad I stuck to my guns and persisted until I found a kitchen place that listened to me!) Now we have a kitchen that is bright and open and I love!
    Stick to your guns when it comes to your new kitchen and go with what you want and what you believe works best for you! :)
  • Desley Cole

    Heidi Allen, I am using the millpond tiles as a feature with gloss white tiles in our small bathroom and wondered how you got on with yours. what grout did you use and are you happy with the millpond tile with the gloss. Thanks

  • Anna. Mc

    I use these all the time .. a kitchen splashback and an ensuite. can never go wrong.
    I am looking at doing the beige fish scales in a bathroom has anyone used this?