Stealing space from the Master for a larger WIR?

Telea E
March 31, 2019


We are in the process of preparing to renovate our bathroom. We currently have an average sized master but our WIR is quite small and impractical (see second photo). We are considering taking some space from our master and the current ensuite and contributing that to the WIR, however are a little concerned that this may adversely impact future buyers. Please help!!

The proposed changes are attached below, (see photo 1) but we are still open to advice regarding layout and what would work best with this space. We are very limited in regards to where we can move our bed due to windows on either side. We are also wanting to take advantage of existing plumbing in the ensuite and are not intending to change too much except to remove the current spa and replace with a double shower.

NB: Please forgive my severely out of scale drawing.

Thanks in advance!

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    I would be more worried about the great view of my partner using the toilet when I am in bed. I think your main issue is an oversized ensuite which has compromised your WIR size. Make sure that your master is big enough for a king size bed with side tables either side, and give your ensuite some privacy from the bedroom. So many people really hate the 5-star hotel fashion of opening up the ensuite to a view of the bedroom. It isn't sexy after your honeymoon.

    Back to the drawing board, or consider enagaging a professional designer to get the proportions of these rooms right for the scale of the rest of your house.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

  • oklouise

    your idea could be ok but would make walking paths more cramped..my suggestion would be to consider two walls of ceiling height built in wardrobes to achieve a much more spacious bedroom suite with room for a couple of chairs and a bed seat/blanket box

  • Telea E
    Thanks so much oklouise for the time and effort you have put into replying! I like this floor plan and the idea of floor to ceiling storage. What depth would you make these spaces. The only thing is we were hoping to limit the doors by having a single larger opening into the WIR. Do you think this would still work with your floor plan and if so, where would you put it?
  • oklouise

    my suggestion is to remove the whole WIW and make the bedroom more spacious with built in wardrobes and this would usually look better with sliding or hinged doors instead of the narrow WIW with no doors and, based on your measurements, your plan doesn't provide any extra accessible storage and the dimensions are inconsistent in this scaled copy

    we need more precise measurements of the original spaces to try other ideas and the distance from the corners to the edges of all the windows would also help

  • Telea E
    Thanks oklouise. I will see if I can find a document with the original measurements.
  • siriuskey

    My floor plan keeps the WIR .

    I feel the bathroom has too much wasted floor space so by stepping the wall back into the bathroom allows for more bedroom space and adds interest.

    Towel rails on both sides when entering and possibilities for others.

    I have taken the idea for the shower from one of your photos. cheers

    Fitzroy North · More Info

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    Weaver Interiors

    Well done Siriuskey, I too was concerned about all the usable space being taken up by the Ensuite and I feel in this situation walk-in-robes take up so much valuable space. The ceiling to floor wardrobes could have doors to approx. 80cm down from ceiling, giving room for suitcases, hats and handbags, then another everydaybank below. There is a real need to qualify the decisions with practicality and your bedroom is a relaxing area, not a nuisance.

    This image is actually the opposite, so great lower cupboards or drawers for shoes!