What should we hang on our walls?

Arcline Architecture
November 21, 2017
last modified: January 18, 2018

We're an Architectural firm and have got this little interview area in our office (see picture below) which needs some art/pictures on the walls, plus....its awfully noisy so something that would dampen the noise would be brilliant.

Any ideas?

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    Cambridge Colour & Design

    Hello - I am an independent Interior Designer and Colour Consultant based in Cambridge. The issue you are having is something that I come across a lot (unfortunately).

    You need to add items that will absorb sound - what you have at the moment in this space are all items that are 'hard' and therefore will 'bounce' all sound around the room - which is why it's so noisy.

    Would love to help you :)

    Elizabeth; 027 275 9779