Which handles for white gloss kitchen cabinets?

March 13, 2019
last modified: March 14, 2019

Hi everyone!

I'd like some advice please on kitchen cabinet handles, more on their size, as I think we are pretty set on the brass square handle! :)

I just can't commit to 172mm total length, feel like maybe I should go with smaller 140mm handles?

What do you think?

Our kitchen is going to be gloss white - similar to the photo attached. We will have wooden benchtops with black sink and black tap - that's why I've decided to bring in some brass accents to soften the look a bit.

We will have no top hanging cabinets, 1 tall pantry, 600mm drawers, 400mm drawers and traditional 2 door cabinets. The kitchen is going to be pretty small (that's why I'm a bit worried about handles being too large for the space)

Please let me know what you are thinking and also vote for either 140 or 172 brass or black. Thanks :)

140mm brass
172mm brass
140mm black
172mm black

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