Your thoughts on views to West/East/South inland Qld?

October 10, 2018


I'd be very interested to hear Houzzers' thoughts on orientation in Qld please, as I am looking for land.

Ideally of course I would like land with rear facing views to the North. However, that just doesn't exist in the area I'm in, but there are some lovely views to the West, East and South. Also some views to SouthWest, and SouthEast.

Where I am in inland Qld, we have horribly hot humid Summers, but Winters have daily variances of +-20C (-1 to 19C or 5 to 25C on same day).

We don't have daylight saving so entertaining at night won't benefit from the view.

So, which orientation would you go for to maximise enjoyment of alfresco living and natural light?

Thank you

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