Get Organised

Never miss a follow-up, make it easy to collaborate, and get paid—all in one place.

Stand Out

Attract more of the kinds of clients you want to build your business around.

Avoid Lulls

Reduce downtime in your sales pipeline by building a consistent flow of new clients.


Nurture Relationships to Win More Work

Our business architecture software includes a CRM to help you attract leads and communicate with clients, whether you're in the office or on the go—all under one roof.

• Track lead stages and get reminded to follow up
• Reply fast with email templates and a Gmail extension
• Schedule video and phone calls via calendar integration
• Give employees access to build relationships as a team


Log Billable Items and Hours With Ease

With our professional architect software, you can ditch the drawbacks of spreadsheets and sticky notes by letting our streamlined time and expense tracking take lead.

• Track time in real time with our built-in stopwatch tool
• Add tracked time and expenses to invoices with a click
• Create reports to export or sync with Xero
• Analyse project and people efficiencies for better decisions

“If it weren't for Houzz I might still be just a one-person firm trying to eke out a salary.”


Securely Update and Collaborate With Clients

Our state-of-the-art architect business software allows you to publish key information to a central and private client portal controlled by you and branded with your firm's logo.

• Keep clients engaged without updating them yourself
• Send messages, photos, and files they'll also receive by email
• Autosave message history and let clients reply in a click
• Share only what you want and build trust on your terms


Supercharge Your Business With Houzz Pro