Delight your clients

Make communications, timeline, daily logs and more available to your clients on-demand and watch customer satisfaction soar.

"Clients can go to the dashboard on their own without calling or texting me, which saves me time. They can go there and have everything they need. They feel supported and in control."


Work together, from anywhere

Collaborate remotely via online messaging, photo and file sharing, and design tools. Your entire history is saved for easy reference.

"I like the client engagement and communication in the portal, and that you can take notes and keep track of any files. These are live documents, so anytime we make a change, clients can access the portal and see adjustments made in real time. It cuts down on the number of steps that we need to take to keep clients engaged and involved in the process."

One simple inbox

Never lose track of requests and decisions when your conversations, approvals and more live in one central place

Share photos and files

With Houzz Pro you can securely request, store and share photos and documents directly with your team and contacts.

24/7 client access

Give clients the comfort they want - and answers to their questions - with 24/7 access to a project dashboard with all details

Financial visibility

With the dashboard, clients can see outstanding invoices, approvals and more, and can take action to move things forward.


Share your project plan

Create a visual timeline so your clients and team can see project stages, deadlines and more.


Share job-site progress

With daily logs, you can easily send clients key updates, share photos from the job-site and remind them of approvals and payments due.


Supercharge Your Business With Houzz Pro