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I’m wondering about any natives that would be good inside?

I just rescued 3 figs that bats “ delivered “ to our gutters.... I didn’t want an issue like Angkor Wat. They are growing nicely in their pots ( Mum is frightened they will break loose and root into the ground). After this article I bought one inside. How exciting ! They are from the enormous street trees a block over. Very beautiful.
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I suspect these trees will only be a short term thing inside your home, as fig trees are enormous as you already know but you could pass it on to someone who wants one in their yard in the future however, you may just get several years of enjoyment out of it in your home and perhaps you could pinch the foliage back and even turn it into a bonsai??

It can be done but it needs a different shallower pot that holds far less dirt etc... like bonsai plants are grown in if you have seen pictures. If I'm right, the roots need to be trimmed regularly, not for the novice I would imagine.

I have seen a gum tree as a bonsai so there is no limit to what can be done.

Perhaps one of our readers has bonsai experience and could give us some hints as I'd be interested myself??

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Hi Barbara, yes I do agree re bonsai-ing them. My plan is to grow one to about three metres in height, Ive looked at the size of pots needed ( well above 200 litres). My mum has the skill set needed. These are 20 metre beauties...... so no, I won’t ever let anyone put them in the ground!
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