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Sam Young

Our garden is native only, and also includes dianellas, ake ake, tawai whero, tawai hiriwa, kanuka, manuka, pohutakawa and loads of other carex. Then we have a working orchard garden which is full of fruit and nut trees... and a vege garden.

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Love renga renga lilies - especially under deciduous trees where they cope with dry shade with ease. Suppress weeds too and grow and cover so well in just one season! (These may be the same as the Arthropodium mentioned earlier - no sure of the proper name!!)

Cabbage tree trivia: -The older leaves need to be removed from the trunk when they go brown as they don't fall off for AGES! This takes quite some effort but makes a shaggy unkempt tree look pretty funky! However any leaves that do fall cause havoc with the lawn mower! One characteristic of cabbage trees is that where one is cut or broken it will branch and grow two or more where only one trunk was before. This can be used to your advantage if you want a branched tree. If it grows too many new growing tips you can just pull unwanted ones off the trunk before they get too big. And this WONT cause re-branching! Cabbage tree leaves (the old dry ones that don't get caught up in your lawn mower blades) make great kindling -- just loop them into a knot and store. I once tried burning the cut up logs of a downed cabbage tree. They went into the middle of a very hot bonfire - and after it had all burned down there they were, great charred lumps sitting there glaring at me, almost untouched! THEY DONT BURN!! Oh, I think the name comes from the heart of the cabbage tree new growth which is edible! There is a local myth (or truism) that when the cabbage tree flowers luxuriantly it is going to be a bad season, and if the flowers are stunted or non-existent it will be a beauty! Or have I got that the wrong way round.......

There - have I drained the pool of Cabbage Tree trivia?

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Cabbage trees also have the most lovely scent, we have 3 at our place and on warm summer nights I could smell them, it took me 3 years to figure out where the scent was coming from. Our garden is a mixture of natives, exotics, and fruiting plants, everything needs to produce for us or be tough, nothing ornamental gets watered here. I love our garden right now


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