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Also, attention given to the client. If you are waiting weeks for a turnaround in emails, flog them off. We had this, and continuous apologies, realised his priorities weren't us, and sometimes waited weeks, into months for a response or even showing excitement to begin. Even recommended a shonky builder which he had no in depth knowledge of. Would never recommend him, and far from a professional service. Don't bother complaining to the Architectural society in your state as they didn't even answer the complaint sent to them.

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Simon Tonkin

How do you know which category an architect fits in to ? Reputation is really the key to deciding once you have established that the person or the team is a good fit.

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Eye for Decor

I have encountered the Bad Architect and lived to hugely regret the amount of faith and friendship my husband (of the time) and I put into him. He ticks 4 of the 4 boxes perfectly, and created such a monument of grandiosity at the end of the 1980s that not only was the house not a home due to its insane scale but it bankrupt us. Beware of smooth talkers who provide little detail!

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