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Francis Fuenmayor

Thank you so much Georgia... awesome tips for sure :)

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Francis - needs some definition - something to contain it and frame the view. Privet hedge maybe 4'6 high so you can just get a glimpse of it, then at the street elevation trim the hedges in a curve to about three feet tall in the center to invite people to stop and look. Or you could use columnar evergreens with shorter globe evergreens between them. Some lattice screens with clematis or similar at the house would help to finish it also as a backdrop/stage curtain. I'd rather see stone steps/pavers - the woods says temporary, stone says timeless. An eye catching yet subtle/small Christmas tree topper would be good for the center piece - maybe a crystal prism.

Good start now for the final touches. Kudos.

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Love all the pictures! Personally, I have tried to incorporate an English garden with lots of flowers with natural landscape with trees for the birds and other critters, in my property in Oregon. It‘s my haven from the hectic work life, and has evolved over 15 years, starting with structural plants and hardscapes and then adding shrubs and flowers. 2 goats keep the blackberries controlled and fertilize the trees.


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